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Novel Coronavirus - COVID-19: Information for Community Behavioral Health Providers, Consumers, and Families

Employment Services

Supported Employment

Work can be a big boost to a person’s recovery.  Not only does a job help pay the bills, it can also provide a person with a sense of pride and belonging. Having a job adds structure to daily life, increases social contacts and support, and enhances opportunities for personal achievement. 

American Job Centers

The Tennessee Careers Center System helps employers and job seekers connect. Physical locations offer internet access, workshops, and training. For more information visit the Tennessee Careers Center website.

Housing and Life Skills for Young Adults

Young adults with mental illness or serious emotional disturbance leaving foster care or mental health residential treatment can receive life skills classes and partially-supervised housing through Park Center’s Emerging Adult program in Nashville.

Housing & Homeless Services

Find web resources related to housing and homelessness, along with available statewide programs and where to obtain assistance. Please check back frequently for additional resources and new programs that may become available in your area.

Vocation Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation helps people with disabilities gain, maintain, or return to employment.