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Certification: Part Two

After training, you have one year from the date of graduation to complete the CPRS Application: Part 2 process and become a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist.  

Part 2 requires serving your peers and getting professional references.  Please complete and submit either the online or printable form.

Online Form: Application Part 2, Certification

Printable Form: Application Part 2, Certification

Serving Your Peers
You must provide peer recovery services for at least 75 hours - properly supervised by an approved supervisor - either through work or volunteer hours. This means leading peer support groups, teaching recovery education classes (like the Wellness Recovery Action Plan WRAP®), or conducting one-on-one sessions with peers.

Your supervisor will need to complete an Employment/Volunteer Summary about your work with peers.

Online Form: Employment/Volunteer Summary form for Supervisors 
Download the Printable Form: Employment/Volunteer Summary form for Supervisors.

Getting References
You  need to ask three professionals to provide references for you. Some people ask their former bosses, teachers, ministers, co-workers, or anyone else who can comment on how you interact with peers. 

Online Form: CPRS Professional / Personal Reference form.
Download the Printable Form: CPRS Professional / Personal Reference form. 

After our office has reviewed your application, we will notify you within a week. 

For questions, the Certified Peer Recovery Specialist Handbook is a great resource! You can also contact the Peer Recovery Coordinator at 800-560-5767 or email