CPRS Continuing Education

Continuing Education Verification Procedure
The information below is required to confirm successful completion of approved continuing education hours:
        ·  Certificate of attendance or completion
        ·  Certified Peer Recovery Specialist’s name 
        ·  Certificate signed by the instructor, trainer, or supervisor
        ·  Training date
        ·  Number of continuing education hours

        ·  Screenshot of evidence of attendance for webinar
        ·  If no certificate is included, screenshot the webinar:
                - If using a PC computer, use the “Print Scrn” button or Snipping Tool application. For more detailed instructions, click this link
                - If using a Mac/Apple computer, use the computer key pattern of Shift-Command-4. For more detailed instructions, click this link.
        ·  Try to select a slide/page with the name of the webinar, presenter, and date or add the information manually
        ·  Print the screenshot, have supervisor sign and date it, and add the start and end time of the webinar
        ·  Sign the document and include it with the other certificates when submitting renewal application


         ·  College or university courses in behavioral-health related subjects
                - A syllabus signed by the professor with a copy of grades for the course
                - Transcript showing course and grade

See below or refer to the Certified Peer Recovery Specialist Handbook for additional information.

Here are some examples of approved and unapproved trainings:

Stages of Change Crisis Management Mental Health Disorders  
Understanding Mental Health or Substance Abuse Treatment Illness Management and Recovery  
Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Relapse and Recovery  
Peer Employment Training Peer Counseling Training  
Building Self Esteem BRIDGES Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Relapse Prevention  
Recognizing Workplace Burnout Identifying Relapse Urges and Tendencies  
Conflict Resolution in the Workplace Coping with Transference of Feelings  
Cultural Differences and Beliefs Grief and Recovery/Spirituality and Recovery  
Cultural Diversity and Sensitivity    

While important for the job, some classes and training topics do not apply specifically toward the continuing education of a CPRS.
Here are some examples of Unapproved Trainings:

Unapproved Misc. Trainings Unapproved Clinical Trainings  
First Aid Classes (medical not mental health) Sexual Assault Dynamics and Treatment  
Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Trauma-Informed Treatment of Addiction  
Driver Education Clinical Supervision  
Food Safety Handling Solution-Focused Brief Therapy in Behavioral Health  
Fire and Other Emergencies Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  
Protective Equipment Emotion Focused Therapy  
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Relational-cultural Therapy  
Blood Borne Pathogens Client-Directed Outcome-Focused Therapy
Patient Neglect/Abuse Mindful Therapy  
Sitting and Lifting Treatment of Suicidality  
Electrical Safety Repair and Reattachment Grief Therapy  
Hand Hygiene