Helping At-Risk Children in Chattanooga

Chattanooga Care Connection

Program Description:

The Chattanooga Care Connection helps students in the alternative school programs in Hamilton County.

Services include prevention, early intervention, treatment, and recovery support delivered from a family-driven perspective in which parents/caregivers partner with providers in a supportive and interactive collaboration.

Family and youth-driven programming provides a venue for families to offer one another support, to express concerns, and to build supportive relationships. Youth mentoring and peer-led services bring an added dimension. Building and sustaining a strong family support system is the foundation of this project.

Eligibility Requirements:

Children/youth enrolled in alternative school programs or involved in other community-based services for children/youth at risk of substance abuse and mental health conditions.

Location and Contact Information:
Johnson Mental Health Center
420 Bell Ave.
​Chattanooga, Tennessee
Ph: (423) 634-8884 or 1 (877) 567-6051