Community Tree Planting Program (TAEP)

The TAEP (Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program) grant fund for community tree planting is provided by the 2008 State Legislature to the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. The community tree planting component of TAEP will be administered by the Department of Agriculture Division of Forestry.

The goal of TAEP community tree planting grant is to increase the tree resource base in cities and towns across the state of Tennessee. It is NOT to provide beautification. Trees are work horses for our communities, providing energy savings through shading, storm water mitigation, rain interception, and air quality improvement through filtration and absorption. These are direct cost saving benefits to communities. Beautification should not be used as an objective for a TAEP tree planting project. It is recommended that a “blanket” statement for Goals and Objectives include one or more of the following: Urban trees provide a multitude of benefits including but not limited to: cooler temperatures, cleaner air, reduced flooding and erosion, help improve human health, and provide food and shelter for wildlife.

Eligible Grantees

  • Cities and towns
  • Other local units of government
  • NPOs, such as neighborhood associations, civic groups, and community volunteer tree groups
  • Elementary, secondary educational and higher learning institutions

Available Funds

Eligible applicants may apply for grants up to $20,000. Minimum amount requested must be $500.

Community Tree Planting Program Schedule

April 5, 2023

Grant announcement will be sent to potential applicants

June 2, 2023

Application acceptance closes at 4:30 pm CDT. All Applications MUST BE RECEIVED electronically by this time.

June 9, 2023

Applications will be reviewed and ranked.

June 16, 2023

“Not accepted” letters will be mailed. Prospective Grantees will be contacted by Tennessee Division of Forestry Urban Forestry Staff.

July 10, 2023

Urban TAEP Grant Contracts will be written and electronically sent to Grantee.

September 1, 2023

Urban TAEP Grant Contracts, signed by grantee must be received by the Tennessee Division of Forestry no later than 5:00 pm CDT (address of acceptance will be provided).

November 1, 2023

Beginning date of Urban TAEP Grant Contract. 

March 30, 2024

Planting of bare root seedlings must be completed.

April 15, 2024

Planting of balled & burlapped must be completed. 

April 30, 2024

Ending date of Urban TAEP Grant Contract.

May 30, 2024

Last day to accept Urban TAEP Grant Contract Invoices for reimbursement. A final report on the planting project is due when Grantee submits request for reimbursement.