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Livestock Feed Storage

Livestock Minimum Requirements Certifications Lifetime Limit
Cattle - 100 Head
Goats/Sheep - 150 Head
Swine - 100 Head
BQA - Beef and Dairy
PQA Plus – Swine
Permit – Dairy
Commodity Sheds –
3 Reimbursements
$7,000 Maximum Reimbursement
Standard 35% Cost Share   |   Master 50% Cost Share
Head of livestock = maximum number of single type, regardless of sex or age, at one time during the last 12 months.

Eligible Items

1.  Mixer wagons* and grinder/mixers* - equipment directly used to mix and/or grind hay, grain and other supplements for feed
2.  Hay wrappers* - machinery used for the wrapping of hay for use as haylage
3.  Commodity shed - new structures and additions to existing structures used for storage of bulk raw commodities, including whole grains and co-products used in a mixing process to produce feed
4.  Silage baggers - machinery used for the bagging or debagging of silage
5.  Silos - ground and upright for storage of silage - must have concrete floors and walls
6.  No-till pasture drills* (min. 6 ft. working width)
7.  Self-unloading feed wagon
8.  Unloading forage feeder wagon
9.  Manure spreaders
10.  Labor - labor for construction of infrastructure and installation of new equipment
     • reimbursement for labor cannot exceed 30% of total reimbursement
     • labor provided by the applicant is not eligible

Dairy Only Items Dairy producers can purchase items 1-14

11.  Stationary milk tanks
12.  Generators for dairy barn
13.  Manure/lagoon pumps
14.  Manure/lagoon agitators

Swine Only Items Swine producers can purchase items 1, 15, 16

15.  Generators for swine barn
16.  Feed bin - minimum capacity of 4 tons

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that their project is eligible and meets all TAEP criteria.

* Only items where (*) is indicated may be new or used. Used items must be:
     •  In excellent working condition
     •  No excessive rust
     •  Functional soundness
     •  Reasonable market price

Email for additional information.