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Livestock Solutions

Livestock Minimum Requirements Certifications Lifetime Limit
Cattle - 100 Head
Goats/Sheep - 150 Head
Swine - 100 Head
BQA - Beef and Dairy
PQA Plus – Swine
Permit – Dairy
Commodity Sheds –
Three (3) Reimbursements
$10,000 Maximum Reimbursement
Standard 35% Cost Share   |   Master 50% Cost Share
Head of livestock = maximum number of single type, regardless of sex or age, at one time during the last 12 months.
Goats/Sheep can be combined to meet minimum number requirement.

Eligible Items

1. Mixer wagon* and grinder/mixer* – equipment directly used to mix and/or grind hay, grain, and other supplements for feed
2. Bale processor/windrow bale feeder
3. Hay wrapper* – machinery used for the wrapping of hay for use as haylage
4. Commodity shed – new structures and additions to existing structures used for storage of bulk raw commodities, including whole grains and co-products used in a mixing process to produce feed (see p. 17 for min. specifications)
5. Silage bagger – machinery used for the bagging or debagging of silage
6. Bunker/silage pit – must have concrete floors and walls
7. No-till pasture drill* – min. 6 ft. working width
8. Self-unloading feed wagon
9. Unloading forage feeder wagon
10. Manure spreader
11. Mobile working system – must be a mobile self-contained trailer unit
12. Labor for the construction of commodity shed only; not eligible – labor provided by applicant

Dairy Only Items Dairy producers can purchase items 1-16

13. Stationary milk tank
14. Generator for dairy barn
15. Manure/lagoon pump
16. Manure/lagoon agitator

Swine Only Items Swine producers can purchase items 1, 17, 18

17. Generator for swine barn
18. Feed bin

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that their project is eligible and meets all TAEP criteria.

* Only items where (*) is indicated may be new or used. Used items must be:
     •  In excellent working condition
     •  No excessive rust
     •  Functional soundness
     •  Reasonable market price

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