Photography & Video Policy

General Use

Ellington Agricultural Center is home to several state and federal agencies. The grounds and buildings are open and accessible first and foremost for the public and employees to conduct official state business. Some areas-- such as the greenway, hiking trail, and iris garden-- are open for the public to enjoy.

Parking on the grass is NOT permitted. Dogs MUST BE LEASHED AT ALL TIMES and owners must pick up waste.

Garbage cans are limited on campus. Please be prepared to take your trash with you when you leave.

Indoor Photography

Buildings under management of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, including the Moss Administration Building (Brentwood House) and the Tennessee Agricultural Museum are working offices and open only for official business during normal operating hours. As such, indoor photography including bridal portraits, group photos, senior pictures, and special event photos are NOT allowed.

Outdoor Photography

Most photography is allowed outdoors as long as it is respectful of others’ privacy and does not interfere with business, parking, traffic, or access to buildings.

Offices and restrooms are NOT available as dressing rooms or preparation areas.

Use of glitter or confetti is prohibited.

Citizens may have photos taken by a professional photographer, provided gear is limited and activities do not disrupt campus.

Commercial photography (including video shoots) is NOT permitted anywhere on the grounds during or after business hours without prior approval. Commercial photography may include, but is not limited to, multiple cameras and accessories such as reflectors, tripods, camera bags, props, etc.  

Commercial photography must be approved and scheduled through the Commissioner’s Office at 615-837-5103 and may be subject to charges, proof of liability insurance, and other requirements for using state property.

Commercial production projects that need location scouting assistance should contact the Tennessee Film, Music and Entertainment Commission at 615-741-3456 or visit

The Tennessee Agricultural Museum

Special photography conditions apply in the area surrounding the Tennessee Agricultural Museum, which includes educational pavilions and sheds, the farmhouse, gardens, and log structures adjacent to the main museum building. Generally, outdoor photography at the museum after hours and on weekends is permitted without prior approval, except for commercial shoots (see above).

Photography during business hours and special events is subject to the discretion of the museum staff.

In all circumstances, handling or moving outdoor artifacts and equipment is NOT permitted.

Handling or moving artifacts, climbing on equipment, littering, defacement of any surface, graffiti or vandalism of any type will not be tolerated. The area is patrolled by security and violators will be asked to leave and/or prosecuted for criminal activity. Please help us keep the museum and grounds safe and secure by reporting any suspicious activity to center security at 615-642-1972 or Metro Police at 615-862-8600. For 911 emergencies, the location reference is 404 Hogan Rd., Nashville.

Iris Garden

The iris garden and gazebo is maintained by the Middle Tennessee Iris Society. For group activities and other uses of this area, please contact Ginny Russell at 615-883-4338 weekdays between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. or on weekends.