Wildlife at Ellington Center

If you had visited the site of the Ellington Campus 300 years ago, you would see some of the original megafauna that retreated before human development; bison, wolves, elk and bears.  Though these animals are not likely to return, the riparian zones around Seven Mile Creek support a rich variety of animals including raccoons, red-tailed hawks, gray squirrels, migratory birds, broad-headed skinks, and white-tailed deer.  The creek supports a rich aquatic life including minnows, the endangered Nashville crayfish, and cottonmouth moccasins (so be careful when turning over rocks!).

A forest without wildlife is only scenery.  The animals that add drama to the forest stage are protected by law and are encouraged by protection of habitat and water quality.  They will continue to delight visitors for years to come.

You can manage even a small lot to enjoy wildlife benefits in your own home.  Plantings that provide cover and food are inviting to wild birds.  Couple this with a water source and your yard can become a waystation for weary travellers, bringing color and song to your backyard.