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Former Commissioners of Agriculture

Commissioners of Agriculture, State of Tennessee, 1872-Present

J. P. Killebrew Montgomery Co 1872-1881
A. W. Hawkins Carroll Co 1881-1883
A. J. McWhirter Davidson Co 1883-1887
R. M. Hord Rutherford Co 1887-1891
D. Godwin Shelby Co 1891-1893
T. P. Allison Williamson Co 1893-1897
John T. Essary Hamblen Co 1897-1899
Thomas H. Paine Hardin Co 1899-1903
W. W. Olgilvie Marshall County 1903-1907
John Thompson Davidson Co 1907-1911
Thomas F. Peck McMinn Co 1911-1915
H. K. Bryson Lincoln Co 1915-1919
F. M. McRee Obion Co 1919-1921
Thomas F. Peck McMinn Co 1921-1923
Homer Hancock Wilson Co 1923-1929
J. Fitts Summer Co 1929-1933
O. E. Van Cleave Marshall Co 1933-1937
John M. Goodman Robertson Co 1937-1939
Clint B. Jones Humphreys Co Jan.-June 1939
Charles C. Flanery Humphreys Co 1939-1945
O. E. Van Cleave Marshall Co 1945-1949
Ed Jones Gibson Co 1949-1952
Buford Ellington Marshall Co 1952-1958
W. F. "Red" Moss Hamilton Co 1958-1971
Gil F. Thorton Haywood Co 1971-1975
Edward S. Porter Warren Co 1975-1979
Clyde M. York Overton Co Jan.-April 1979
Jere Griggs Gibson Co 1979-1981
William H. Walker III Haywood Co 1981-1987
A. C. Clark Putnam Co 1987-1989
L. H. "Cotton" Ivy Decatur Co 1989-1995
Dan Wheeler Cumberland Co 1995-2002
John W. Rose Putnam Co 2002-2003
Ken Givens Hawkins Co 2003-2010
Terry J. Oliver Weakley Co 2010-2011
Julius Johnson Fentress Co 2011-2016
Jai Templeton McNairy Co 2016-2019
Charlie Hatcher
Williamson Co 2019-Present