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Metrology Lab Fee Schedule

Mass Tolerance Testing Without Adjustment With Adjustment
0 -10 lb - NIST Class F $7.50 each $10.00 each
11 - 50 lb - NIST Class F $7.50 each $15.00 each
51 - 1000 lb - Nist Class F $15.00 each $20.00 each
Volume Calibration Without Adjustment With Adjustment
5 Gallon Test Measures, per NIST Handbook 105-3 $15.00 each No Additional Charge
Volume Provers, per NIST 105-3 $15.00 plus $1.00 per gallon over 5 gallons No Additional Charge
Liquid Propane Provers, per NIST 105-4 $1.50 per gallon (Minimum $50.00) No Additional Charge

NOTE: Fees listed apply only to the testing of weights and volumetric devices.  All written quotations are given at the "with adjustment" rate.  This fee schedule is mandated by TCA 47-26-909.

In some cases a device will appear to be "in tolerance", however when the uncertainty is added or subtracted, the value of the device is out of tolerance.  Quality procedures require the value of the devices to be in tolerance after the uncertainty is added or subtracted from the corrected "as left" value.

NISTIR 6969 SOP 8, paragraph 2.8.1 states: "it is recommended that weights whose absolute value of the correction exceeds 75% of the tolerance limit be adjusted."

All adjustments are made with the intent that the device will have a "zero" correction.

Any device which is out of tolerance, or falls within the range where adjustment is recommended will be adjusted and charged as such.

These procedures ensure the value of the device is within tolerance.

Call for an appointment before bringing devices to the lab for calibration. Devices that do not have an appointment will be worked on only when all scheduled appointments are completed. Priority is established through the appointment process.

Devices submitted for calibration should be delivered to the lab in a "ready to test" condition. Any other condition can result in the device being rejected and returned to the owner without being calibrated.

All shipping costs are the responsibility of device owners.