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Tennesseans 12+: Now Eligible for a COVID-19 Vaccine

Slaughtering License Required

§53-7-216. License required for the operation of an establishment — Application

(a) No person shall maintain an establishment for the slaughtering of livestock or poultry or the processing of livestock, deer, or poultry without first having secured a license from the department of agriculture and having paid all inspection and license fees.

§53-7-204. Inspection and sanitary standards for official establishments for slaughtering or processing of livestock or poultry

(a) (1) Each official establishment at which livestock or poultry are slaughtered or livestock, deer, or poultry carcasses or parts of livestock, deer, or poultry carcasses, meat food products, or poultry products are processed for intrastate commerce shall have the premises, facilities and equipment, and be operated in accordance with sanitary practices required by rules and regulations prescribed by the commissioner for the purpose of preventing the entry into and movement in commerce of carcasses, parts of carcasses, meat food products, and poultry products that are unwholesome or adulterated.