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Emerald Ash Borer Checklist


Identify Your Tree

Ash trees are easiest to identify when leaves are on the trees; however, it can be identified by looking at the bark in the wintertime.

  • Twigs - stout, gray to green-brown with small, lateral round buds opposite each other; terminal bud is large, brown, with leathery scales flanked by two small lateral buds.
  • Leaves - oppositely arranged on twig, pinnately compound (leaf is made up of several leaflets attached to a leaf stem), and has 5 to 9 dark green leaflets (usually 7 or 9).
  • Leaflets - either no stalks or very short stalks attached to the leaf stem; smooth or sometimes finely serrated on the upper half.
  • Autumn color - green ash - yellow and orange; white ash - red and purple.
  • Bark - young bark is usually flaky; forms tall, interlacing ridges and deep furrows with age.

Now Check for Symptoms

Once you have properly identified the trees, check ash trees for the following symptoms: