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Senior Center Re-Opening Guidance

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1)      Can you go over the requirements for singing?  

  • Singing should be avoided for the time being.  If singing activities are held, appropriate COVID-19 safety precautions should be taken.  Research and the CDC suggests that activities like singing or using a projected voice may project respiratory droplets in greater quantity and over greater distance, increasing the risk of COVID-19 transmission, particularly with prolonged exposure. Maintain at least 15 feet of separation—and more if possible— between audience members and performers such as vocalists and singers.  If multiple people are singing, they should also remain 15 feet apart from each other.
  • Audience members who are not singing should remain seated 6 feet apart from each other and 15 feet away from the performer..

2)     Are there recommendations for mask wearing during exercise?

  •       We encourage mask wearing during exercise, unless doing so would pose a safety risk.

3)     Will supplies be provided to SC for sanitation and temp checks?

  • Each senior center should have been supplied with a no-touch thermometer.  We encourage you to get the supplies from your normal avenues but if you run into trouble getting the supplies please reach out to us if you need help procurement.

4)      If we aren’t sharing pens, how can members plan cards or puzzles?

  • We encourage you to purchase enough pens, supplies, activities for each member to have their own. These can then be disinfected at the end of the day.

5)      We have seen conflicting suggestions on how to determine appropriate number of people in a facility. Is there a standard way to determine?

  • There is no uniform capacity percentage that is appropriate for all facilities.  Instead, determine the number of persons that can accommodating while adhering to 6 ft physical distance between members of different households.

6)      Can we print off a roster and just check off who is in attendance?

  •  Yes, that would great if you have a roster.

7)   Chat - Does the person who opens the Center self-screen? 

  • All questions are self-report, so we trust that each person, including the person who opens the center each day, is answering them openly and honestly. The person opening the center can take their own temperature at home or on-site or have the next person who comes in take it.

8)  How would you sanitize the puzzles and playing cards?

9)   When playing cards, are participants supposed to sit 6ft apart while playing?

  • Yes, they need to sit 6 ft apart.  Additionally, please think through how this will work at your Center.  It might be safest to not play cards during this time.

10)   We are a smaller center with 2 staff.  All of our volunteers are older adults.  How do we keep the bathrooms clean and safe?

  • This will look different in every center.  An option might include asking older adults to wipe or spray down sink handles and other surfaced after use. You could also schedule several times throughout the day to have staff or volunteers disinfect all bathroom surfaces.

11)   What about water fountain usage?

12)  Is spraying down items enough to disinfect them or do they have to be wiped off?

  • This will vary based on the cleaning product you are using. You need to follow the instructions on the bottle of cleaner or disinfectant, including the amount of time the cleaner is required to sit on the surface. Refer to CDC/EPA recommendations for products used against SARS-CoV-2.

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13)   How will this affect the criteria for those who are providing respite? Individuals with dementia or cognitive impairment may not understand all these guidelines since they can be complicated.

  • If it’s someone who is coming into the center, you want to make sure it’s a positive environment. Encourage everyone to try and follow the guidelines; however, please be respectful when doing so.

14)      If we have enough Bingo cards for every participant to have their own, can we use these and put them in plastic bags for only them to use each time?

  • Yes, that would work. We would still encourage you to disinfect them where possible.


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