Find a Senior Center

There are senior centers throughout the state. Chances are, there's one not far from you. Give it a try!

Click and Drag

If you know your general area, you can click on one of the counties in the map above to see senior center location markers, as well as a list of centers in the area. You can also zoom in using the + and - buttons in the upper left corner of the map to bring locations into view. In a close-up view, you can click and drag the map to change areas. Want to start over? Use the refresh button (the two curved arrows that form a broken circle beneath the + and - buttons) that appears after you interact with the map. Or you can begin again by reloading the page.

Search Bar

You can also enter information in the search bar in the top left corner of the map to limit the list to centers in your area. (Search by address, city, county, or zip code.) If your first search—a search using a zip code, for example—doesn't produce results for your area, try again using different information, like the name of a city or town.

Need a version you can print or carry with you? We also provide the list as a printable PDF directory.