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Tennessee Area Agencies on Aging and Disability

The map above is divided into districts that define area agencies, or the AAADs, the Area Agencies on Aging and Disability. These agencies plan and provide programs and services for older Tennesseans, as well as those with disabilities. Each area is numbered and colored to match the section of the list below that contains the contact information for your county. This is a great place to start if you are looking for services in your area.

Call 1-866-836-6678 from anywhere in the state to be automatically directed to your nearest Area Agency.

Contact information for the nine Area Agencies on Aging and Disability. 1 FIRST TN AAAD Kathy T. Whitaker, Director First TN Development District 3211 North Roan Street Johnson City, TN   37601-1213 423-928-0224  fax 926-8291  2 EAST TN AAAD Aaron Bradley, Director East TN Human Resource Agency 9111 Cross Park Drive Suite D100 Knoxville, TN   37923-4517 865-251-4897  fax 531-7216  3 SOUTHEAST TN AAAD Criss Grant, Director Southeast TN Development District 1000 Riverfront Parkway (37402-2103) PO Box 4757 Chattanooga, TN   37405-0757 423-266-5781  fax 424-4225  4 UPPER CUMBERLAND AAAD Patty Ray, Director Upper Cumberland Development District 1225 South Willow Avenue Cookeville, TN   38506-4194 931-432-4111  fax 432-8112   5 GREATER NASHVILLE AAAD Marilyn Wade, Aging and Disability Services Interim Director Greater Nashville Regional Council 501 Union Street, 6th Floor Nashville, TN   37219-1705 615-862-8828  fax 862-8840  6 SOUTH CENTRAL TN AAAD Joe Evans, Aging Program Director South Central TN Development District 101 Sam Watkins Boulevard Mount Pleasant, TN   38474-4024 931-379-2929  fax 379-2685   7 NORTHWEST TN AAAD Susan C. Hill, Director Northwest TN Development District 124 Weldon Drive   (38237-1308) PO Box 963 Martin, TN   38237-0963 731-588-1302  fax 588-5833  8 SOUTHWEST TN AAAD Shelley Matthews, Director Southwest TN Development District 102 East College Street Jackson, TN   38301-6202 731-668-6967  fax 668-6444  9 ACMS Dora Ivey, Executive Director Aging Commission of the Mid-South 2670 Union Avenue Extended Suite 1000 Memphis, TN   38112-4416 901-222-4111  fax 222-4199