CREVAA provides short term, emergency services to those effected by crime. This could range from bringing donated items to a client, to shopping for a client, meeting them at court, or the doctors. Referring a client to other victim programs. Other opportunities to volunteer can include data entry, preparing food baskets, housing supplies and sending out mailing for clients. 

How do I become a volunteer? 

Contact the local agency that host the CREVAA program. See map below.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone over the age of 18 with a passion to assist victims and help the clients trying to regain a sense of safety and normalcy after a traumatic event. 

Who cannot volunteer?  

All volunteers must have no criminal history and pass a background check.

Where can people volunteer? 

At the local AAAD/HRA (see map below)

Who do can I contact for more information?  

Contact the local agency.