COVID-19 Nutrition Program Guidance

Tuesday, March 17, 2020 | 07:29pm

COVID-19 Nutrition Program Guidance

All nutrition clients

·         Please remind staff and volunteers of recommended guidelines for not volunteering (attached)

·         Make sure your clients know what to do should they start to feel sick (call their doctor or health department before going, call 911 if emergency)


Home Delivered Meals

·         Encourage volunteers to hang the bag of food on the doorknob, knock, step back (6+ feet), and wait for client to raise blinds or open door. Speak to them and give greeting from a distance

·         Hang sign on door asking individuals to not enter if they are/may be sick (attached)

·         Make sure volunteers have hand sanitizer and use often along meal route

Congregate Meals (for sites that choose not to close)

·         Stagger mealtimes. Have clients come at 11, noon, and 1. This will reduce the number of people coming in at one time

·         Remove half the chairs at each table or half of all tables

·         Place hand sanitizer before meal line and on each table

·         Have the food be served by one person, rather than buffet style (with everyone touching the serving utensils)

·         Clean well, clean often (attached)