Tennessee's State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) Email List

Would you like to join SHIP's email list? It's simple to do, it can help keep you informed, and we only send a handful of messages each year.

To join:

  1. Send an email message to listserv@listserv.tn.gov from the email account you would like to receive SHIP notifications.
  2. In the message body (not the subject line), type: subscribe ship and your name. For example: Jane Doe would type: "subscribe ship Jane Doe" (without the quotation marks).
  3. Send the message.

Check your email inbox later for a confirmation email. The formatting of this first message may seem a little messy, but you should see instructions near the top explaining how to reply. The easiest option should look something like this:

To confirm the execution of your command, simply click on the following link: http://listserv.tn.gov/scripts/wa.exe?OK=4F7A0925&L=SHIP.

You would click on the link to confirm your subscription, and then you're done.