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Tennessee Senior Brain Games Travels to Erin, TN

Houston County, Tennessee

On Friday, April 13, 2018, TCAD Director Jim Shulman and Anna Lea Cothron, Aging Commission Liaison, took TCAD staff to Erin, Tennessee's J.D. Lewis Senior Center for a Tennessee Senior Brain Games scrimmage. The J.D. Lewis members have yet to put forward a team, but that may change this year, and the members on hand showed they could play the game. TCAD led for the first few rounds, and the game was a close one, but J.D. Lewis played to win. Final score: 118 to 104! The win went to the J.D. Lewis Senior Citizens Center!

TCAD would like to thank J.D. Lewis Senior Center Director Janet Rowlson and center staff and members for a warm welcome.

Tennessee Senior Brain Games, entering its sixth season, continues to grow. New centers, new teams, can still join in the fun throughout the state. If you'd like to compete, let your senior or community center know and have center staff get in touch with your AAAD (Area Agency on Aging and Disability). Competitive games begin late summer. And don't forget to register with us once you have a team!

Questions? Need help getting started? Contact Anna Lea Cothron at or 615-770-3901.