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Play the 2017 Championship Game

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Want to play the game our statewide challengers and champions played in 2017? Have a look at Round 1, then download all four rounds (excluding the bonus questions, tiebreaker questions, and asides) in PDF format. These questions will never again be used by TCAD in a championship game. They are used once, then retired.

Scroll down for the answers to these first five Round 1 questions.

Round 1, Question 1

The first piece of this structure was put in place in 1998. Two years later, it was ready for people. It’s been occupied ever since. Six people can live in it. It’s nearly a million pounds and big enough to cover a football field. 

What is it?

Round 1, Question 2

Pasta that has been cooked tender but slightly firm—not soft, but not hard either. Italian for “to the tooth.”

Round 1, Question 3

I represent sunshine, hope and happiness. I stand for freshness, positivity, clarity, energy, honor, loyalty and joy. I’m an attention-getter, but I also suggest caution or sickness and represent cowardice and deceit. I have a primary role. What am I?

Round 1, Question 4

If your name is Max, and you wear a wolf costume, and you travel to an island of creatures and become their king, what is the title of your story? The exact title.

Round 1, Question 5

This country shares borders with Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Name the country.


The Know Brainers, onstage for the 2017 Tennessee Senior Brain Games Championship.


Answer 1

The International Space Station

Answer 2

Al dente

Answer 3

The color yellow.

Answer 4

Where the Wild Things Are

Answer 5


How did you do? Ready to play the full game? Download all four rounds of questions and answers.