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Play the 2016 Championship Game

Want to play the game our statewide challengers and champions played in 2016? Have a look at Round 1, then download all four rounds (excluding the bonus questions, tiebreaker questions, and asides) in PDF format. These questions will never again be used by TCAD in a championship game. They are used once, then retired.

Scroll down for the answers to these first five Round 1 questions.


Round 1, Question 1

To make a photograph, a camera must allow light to pass through a lens for a determined period, exposing the film (or sensor). Speed is a factor. Some early cameras controlled exposure with a cloth lifted and dropped. Now the mechanism that controls exposure time is called what?

Round 1, Question 2

Triskaidekaphobia is the term for the fear of which number?

Round 1, Question 3

What is the most widely accepted birthstone—both modern and traditional—for the month of February?

Round 1, Question 4

What do the initials stand for in T.S. Eliot’s name? *Answer requires the full spelling. No nicknames.

Round 1, Question 5

What does an anemometer measure?


The 2016 Tennessee Senior Brain Games championship begins with all four competing teams onstage at Morristown's First United Methodist Church Christian Life Center.


Round 1, Answer 1


Round 1, Answer 2


Round 1, Answer 3


Round 1, Answer 4

Thomas Stearns

Round 1, Answer 5

Wind speed. (From the Greek for wind, anemos.)

How did you do? Ready to play the full game? Download all four rounds of questions and answers.