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Brain Games: Get Involved

Healthy4Life in Nashville: 2014 Tennessee Senior Brain Games Championship

Playing For Fun

The key to learning new things is asking questions. Turns out, that's also the key to playing this game. Yes, when you compete, you play by our rules. But how you play at home, with friends, or in your centers is up to you. You really only need three things to make this work: Questions, correct answers, and players. That's all you need to have fun! And if fun is what you want, you don't even need a scorekeeper.
If you plan to compete, you'll want to review our rules and suggestions. What you use to train is up to you, though. Games like Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble will challenge your brain. A quiz show like Jeopardy works, too. The important thing is to actually play along, don't just watch other people play.
Be warned: People who tend to enjoy playing trivia games eat questions like candy. It is highly recommended that senior centers find one or two people willing to actively hunt for, or create, questions and answers. Whatever your source, you'll be surprised how quickly you burn through it.

Need Help Getting Started?

If you're still reading, you already know you want to play. Great! The good news? It's not hard. Just start the conversation with the right people. Find your local senior center using our locator. Talk to center staff. Your center may already be participating. If not, that's the first conversation, telling them you want to play Senior Brain Games.

Are you a senior center director? In that case, contact Anna Lea Cothron, Aging Commission Liaison, at or 615-770-3901. She can help you with fliers, recruitment, trivia questions, and more to grow and organize activities in your center. We've also put together a toolkit, a few simple things that will make it easier for you to begin. And don't forget to register your team.

It starts with trivia, but there's much more to brain health. Read on! >