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Brain Games Toolkit

Here are some simple tools to help you create and grow your own senior brain games program. Use them as inspiration or feel free to literally download, copy, and change them to suit your own needs.

Spreading the Word

This was a flier from our first year. We've removed the details of that event so that you can download the flier and use it to promote your own games. It's available as a standard JPEG image file or a PowerPoint. Are you wondering, "Why PowerPoint?" When you need to put a flier together quickly and easily, we've found that PowerPoint can be a fair substitute for graphics software if you don't have something like Photoshop, or don't have experience. Many more people have access to PowerPoint. So we're making that suggestion and including that option for ease of use, but you're welcome to use whatever works for you.

2013 Tennessee Senior Brain Games Promo Flier

Keeping Track and Keeping Score

You won't necessarily need this on Day 1, or when you play with a small group within your own senior center, but a bracket will come in handy once your center becomes more competitive and begins playing against other centers. Again, it's available as a standard JPEG image file or a PowerPoint.

Now, what you may want on Day 1, or soon after, is a sheet for scorekeeping. We have that for you in both Word and PDF formats.


Playing By the Rules

We have our rules posted on the website under How To Play, but for your convenience we also have them in a printable PDF format.

Contact Us

Still have questions? Contact Anna Lea Cothron, Aging Commission Liaison, at or 615-770-3901. She can help you with fliers, recruitment, trivia questions, and more to grow and organize activities in your center.