Foundational Literacy Skills Plans


On February 3, 2021, Governor Bill Lee signed into law the Tennessee Literacy Success Act, which amended Tennessee Code Annotated Title 49, Chapters 1, 5, and 6 relative to literacy. The law outlines a bold policy framework to improve literacy rates in Tennessee.

The law requires school districts to develop a Foundational Literacy Skills Plan to articulate locally driven solutions to improve literacy outcomes for students. These plans must be submitted to the Tennessee Department of Education for approval. Approved district Foundational Literacy Skills Plans are posted below.

To assist districts and public charter schools in the development of their plans, the department developed the Foundational Literacy Skills Plan Toolkit. This guidance document includes the rubric by which these Foundational Literacy Skills Plans are reviewed and approved.

All districts and public charter schools must have an approved Foundational Literacy Skills Plan for grades K–5 by June 1, 2021

Tennessee Universal Reading Screener

The department is excited to offer a free and optional Tennessee Universal Reading Screener suite of tools for the launch of the 2021-2022 school year. As part of the Tennessee Literacy Success Act, districts are required to administer an approved universal reading screener to all students in grades K-3 during three administration windows each school year, and report data to the state department.

While districts have the option to select a universal reading screener from the State Board of Education’s approved list to meet the requirements of the Tennessee Literacy Success Act, the free Tennessee Universal Reading Screener meets all of the legislative requirements, can be used at no-cost by districts and charter schools, and also resolves any data submission requirements for the district. 

aimswebPlus has received the contract to provide the free Tennessee Universal Reading Screener suite of math and reading screeners, assessment platform, as well as a district training series. Please click here for additional information on the Tennessee Universal Reading Screener.

Approved Foundational Literacy Skills Plans:

Last updated: August 25th, 2021 at 12:00pm CT

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