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TFACTS History

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Welcome to the History site for the Tennessee Family and Child Tracking System (TFACTS). This is the place to find information about what’s already happened related to the TFACTS project.

Over the past 4 years, teams including representatives from each DCS region, the Office of Information Systems, Central Office, consultants from around the country and contracted vendors have been engaged to develop a federally mandated SACWIS for Tennessee. Our SACWIS is called the Tennessee Family and Child Tracking System -- TFACTS.

Here are the goals that have been the drivers of this effort:

    • • Develop methods that will immediately impact our work in ways that follow the practice model
      • Develop a DCS Business Mapping Process that clearly outlines every important function we provide-- the way we want it to work
      • Develop system functionality that supports a single, comprehensive view of the family and supports “One Worker, One Family”
      • Develop tools that thoroughly integrate accessing records and documentation, easily link to resources and readily update with the latest technology and security parameters
      • Automate and integrate Financial Management Functions—efficiency equals cost savings
      • And much more!