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TWRA Region 3

Wildlife Management Area Maps


Flynn's Lick Creek Athens City Park Big Creek Goforth Creek McCamy Lake & Greasy Creek Parksville Reservoir Parksville Lake Tailwater (Ocoee River) Hiwasee River (below Appalachia Powerhouse) Hickory Flats Dale Hollow Tailwater (Obey River) Dale Hollow Reservoir Pine Creek Lake Junior Town Creek Sink Creek Mountain Creek Sweeten Creek Cane Creek Park Lake (Putnam County) Wolf River Standing Stone Lake Pickett Lake Conservation League Lake Turtletown Creek Little Sequatchie River Tumbling Creek Bear Hollow Mountain Arnold Engineering and Development Center (AEDC) Caney Fork River (Center Hill Tailwater) Calfkiller River Cumberland Mountain State Park Lake Flat Fork Creek Cane Creek (Van Buren County) Piney Creek Laurel Creek (Van Buren County) Rocky River Barren Fork River Spring Creek Collins River Elk River (Grundy County) Pocket Creek Hills Creek Battle Creek North Prong Barren Fork Charles Creek Clear Creek North Chickamauga Creek - Lower Maple Springs Natchez Trace (South) Bark Camp Barrens Sequatchie River Oneida Lake

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Athens City Park (1)

Barren Fork River (2)

Battle Creek (3)

Big Creek (4)

Calfkiller River (5)

Cane Creek - Van Buren Co (6)

Cane Creek Park Lake - Putnam Co (7)

Charles Creek (8)

North Chickamauga Creek (9)

Clear Creek (10)

Collins River (11)

Conservation League Lake (12)

Cumberland Mountain State Park Lake (13)

Dale Hollow Reservoir (14)

Elk River - Grundy Co (15)

Flat Fork Creek (16)

Flynn's Lick Creek (17)

Goforth Creek (18)

Greasy Creek (19)

Hills Creek (20)

Hiwasee River - below Appalachia Powerhouse (21)

Lake Junior (22)

Laurel Creek - Van Buren Co (23)

Little Sequatchie River (24)

McCamy Lake (19)

Mountain Creek (25)

North Prong Barren Fork (26)

Dale Hollow Tailwater - Obey River (27)

Oneida Lake (28)

Pickett Lake (29)

Pine Creek (30)

Piney Creek (31)

Pocket Creek (32)

Rocky River (33)

Sequatchie River (34)

Sink Creek (35)

Spring Creek (36)

Standing Stone Lake (37)

Sweeten Creek (38)

Town Creek (39)

Tumbling Creek (40)

Turtletown Creek (41)

Wolf River (42)

Parksville Reservoir (43)

Parksville Lake Tailwater - Ocoee River (44)

Center Hill Tailwater - CANEY FORK RIVER (45)



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