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New Deepwater Fish Attractors Placed in Percy Priest Lake - March 2011

Due to an abundance of christmas trees this year, the reservoir crew on J. Percy Priest Lake has installed four new deepwater fish attractors in addition to the shallow tree sites, stake beds, and fabricated structures normally maintained in this popular reservoir. Each site contains 30 christmas trees anchored to the bottom with an attached float to hold the trees upright. The trees are situated in about 20 feet of water at full pool and should provide good cover in all but the hottest months.

Since these structures are located away from shore, they will not be marked with a fish attractor buoy which could pose a navigation hazzard. Instead, anglers can locate the tree beds using their GPS units and depth finders. The new site are at the following locations:

1) Cove on the northeast side of the lake between Poole Knobs and Fate Sanders Marina.
36.05251° N
086.49754° W

2) Upstream of Bryant Grove on Northeast side:
36.07175° N
086.50670° W

3) Island between Long Hunter State Park and Bryant Grove:
36.07602° N
086.53461° W

4) Suggs Creek Area:
36.11634° N
086.56350° W

In addition to these four christmas tree sites, we have also placed several prefabricated stake beds in 14 to 16 feet of water (at full pool) around Percy Priest. Anglers can locate these structure by recognizing the telescopic markers made of two bullet shaped floats secured over a PVC pipe floating above the water surface. These markers are identified with TWRA decals.