What's New For 2016-2017

1. An antlered deer is now defined as any male or female deer with antler protruding above the
hairline. An antlerless deer is now defined as any deer with no antler protruding above the
hairline. See page 23 of the hunting guide.

2. Male fawns with no antler protruding above the hairline do not count towards a hunter’s
antlered bag limit; rather they count toward the hunter’s antlerless bag limits. Deer having
already shed their antlers and does without antlers are also considered antlerless. Male fawns
with antler protruding above the hairline do count towards a hunter’s antlered bag limit, since
the deer does have antler(s) as opposed to hair covered pedicles (i.e., antler attachment point to
the skull). Velvet antlered deer are also considered antlered.

3. Two new deer hunting units have been added: Units C and D.

4. Several counties have been moved to different units and antlerless bag limits have changed.
See page 22 of the hunting guide for complete details.

5. The six North Cumberland WMA elk quota permits are now also valid on private lands
in Anderson, Campbell, Claiborne, Morgan, and Scott Counties. Landowner permission
is required. Five new archery-only elk quota permits were created, also valid on North
Cumberland WMA and private lands within the above listed five counties.

6. The fall turkey bag limit is now one (1) for all counties that were open last year for fall turkey
hunting. A hunter may harvest one turkey, either sex, in each open county. See page 32 of the hunting guide.

7. The bag limit for the Young Sportsman Spring Turkey Hunt was changed from one bird for the
two-day hunt to one bird per day. These birds count towards the season bag limit of four (4).

8. Several minor changes were made to the Wildlife Management Area (WMA) regulations.
Current regulations for individual WMAs are found in this guide and should be checked prior
to hunting.

9. The third segment of dove season has been changed to Dec. 8 - Jan. 15. See page 18 of the hunting guide.

10. A new private land raccoon season has been established, opening July 1. See page 17 of the hunting guide for details.

11. The Claiborne County special red deer hunt has been eliminated as there are no more known
red deer.

12. Small game hunting with dogs (limit 2 per vehicle) is now allowed in the North Cherokee
bear reserves during bear still hunts (bear hunts with no dogs permitted).

13. Chronic wasting disease (CWD) has been detected in new areas of the U.S. and cervid (e.g.
deer, elk, etc.) carcass importation requirements apply. See page 20 of the hunting guide for more information.