Taxidermy FAQ's

Taxidermy FAQ's

Do I need a taxidermy permit to mount my own trophies?

No, mounting your own trophies does not require a taxidermy permit.


Do I need a taxidermy permit to do European mounts?

Yes, European mounts fall under the business of taxidermy.


Do I need any other permits to mount waterfowl?

Yes, you will also need a federal taxidermist permit.  You may obtain a permit from the USFWS (Southeastern Office, Atlanta GA).  For a pdf version of the application click here:


Can I sell unclaimed trophies?

Yes, by law, you can only sell the unclaimed trophy for the original price.  You may not sell unclaimed trophies for more than the original quoted price.  You may not sell any bear mounts or parts of bear.


What animals may I mount?

You may mount any game animal that has been taken by legal means. 


Is “road kill” a legal means?

Yes, as long as the person presenting the animal has followed all the guidelines concerning the road kill law. 


What documentation do I need for trophies I’m preparing?

When you purchase a taxidermy permit, TWRA provides a binder containing all the forms you will need to conduct your business.


How do I order new forms?

You may order new forms by contacting the Program Coordinator, Russell Boles, at 615-934-7505 or by e-mail at