Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge

No hunting in safety zones as listed in NWR pamphlet. All other hunting (squirrel, spring turkey, archery deer) will be closed on weekends when quota deer hunts and youth hunts are scheduled.  Special Federal permit required.  Beaver and coyote may be taken on a scheduled hunt for other species with any weapon legal for the hunt.

Hunting Season Dates & Regulations
Deer/Turkey (Archery) Same as statewide seasons not to extend past Nov 14, 2016. No hunter quota. Closed during quota and young sportsman hunts. State bag limits apply. Deer and turkey count toward statewide bag limit. No fall turkey gun hunt.
Deer (Archery/Muzzleloader/Gun) Two hunts. Oct 21- 23, Nov. 11 – Nov. 13, 2016. Hunter quota: Southside: Northwest of Pool 5 Bridge– 30, Southside: Southeast of Pool 5 Bridge–40, Northside: West of N. Cross Road – 40, Northside: East of N. Cross Road - 30. Three deer (only one may be antlered). Hunters must harvest an antlerless deer before harvesting an antlered deer. All deer harvested are bonus deer.
Deer (Archery/Muzzleloader/Gun) One hunt. Nov. 5- 10 and 14, 2016. No Hunter quota.
Deer (Archery/Muzzleloader/Gun) - Young Sportsman Two hunts. Oct 1- 2 and 29-30, 2016. No hunter quota.
(Young Sportsman 6-16 years of age). Three deer either sex (no more than one antlered). All deer harvested are bonus deer.
Squirrel Aug 20- Nov 14, 2016. Bag and possession limit same as statewide. Closed when quota and young sportsman deer hunts are scheduled.
Canada Goose Same as statewide season until opening of early wood duck/teal season. Closed during the October season. Bag and possession limits in accordance with statewide regulations.
Spring Turkey 2017 Same as statewide season. State Bag limits apply. Turkey count toward statewide bag limit.