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Acts of Tennessee, 1796-1850 > O


Last Name First Name Year Serial Chapter
& Section
OatsDavid182933 Private306.1Marion County - Jasper commissioner
OattsJohn182530193.2Marion County - road commissioner
ObianJohn182530282.1Grainger County commissioner
O'BrianJames O.182631 Private110.1Appointed commissioner of Hiwassee Canal Co.
O'BrianJohn182328134.1Sullivan County lottery superintendent
O'BrienJames182933 Private198.1Sullivan County - Kingsport lots taxed as unimproved land
O'BrienJohn182933 Private173.2Carter County - bridge commissioner
O'BrienJohn182933 Private198.1Sullivan County - Kingsport lots taxed as unimproved land
O'CallighanJeremiah18242955Brother of Patrick O'Callighan
O'CallighanPatrick18242955Lincoln County - died without issue
OdamDempsey182631 Private182.1Land grant issued
OdamLewis182631 Private182.1Deceased
Odle(Captain)182732 Private118.1Fentress County - militia officer
OdleCarson182126119Williamson County - name changed to John Carson Wilson
OdleSamuel182631 Private176.1Mount Cumberland Academy trustee
OfficerAlexander18192385.1Morgan/Overton County - turnpike authorized
OfficerRobert182429144.1Turnpike proprietor
OglevieCynthia18192399.1Williamson County - legitimatized
OglevieRichard18192399.1Husband of Cynthia Oglevie
OldhamNicholas E.182732 Private159.14Commissioner
OldhamNicholas W.182732 Private110.1White County - Sparta commissioner
OldhausJesse182530232Franklin County - Elk River bridge authorized
OlingerDaniel18192386.5Land warrant assigned to him
OlingerJohn181520145.2Lick Creek commissioner
OliverCharles Y.18131940.1Union Academy trustee - Anderson County
OliverCharles Y.182328276.1Union Academy trustee
OliverCharles Y.182631 Private110.1Appointed commissioner of Hiwassee Canal Co.
OliverElizabeth182227135.1Divorced - Roane County
OliverElizabeth182732 Private247.3Roane County - to be divorced
OliverFrancis182732 Private127.2Erroneous name - amended to Francis H. Oliver
OliverFrancis182732 Private56.1Georgia - guardian of Mary Oliver's children
OliverJohn182227135.1Divorced - Roane County
OliverJohn182732 Private247.3Roane County - to be divorced
OliverMary182732 Private56.1Deceased
OlliverDouglass18172192.2Anderson County elections held at his home
OlmsteadCharles G.18232830.4Commissioner of the Academy Fund
OlmsteadCharles G.182530207Williamson County - Franklin lottery commissioner
OminetBenjamin18051210.1Commissioner for the town of Sevierville
Last Name First Name Year Serial Chapter
& Section
OnealJoseph1796421.3Court fees - Mero district
O'NealWilliam182530323.1Bedford County - child legitimatized
OrganSimpson182530241.2Weakley County - Dresden academy trustee
OrganSterling182732 Private148.1To lay off land for camp ground
OrmesJames182429143.1Rhea County - turnpike proprietor
OrmsJames182328290Bledsoe County
OrmsJames182530311.8White County - to open road
OrrJohn182732 Private58.5Duck River improvement - lottery manager
OrtonRichard18091625.1Franklin Water Company
OsborneAdlai18202524Mentioned in a land warrant
OutlawAlexander1799838Jefferson County commissioner
OutlawAlexander18031029Dandridge commissioner
OutlawAlexander B.182530241.2Stewart County - Dover academy trustee
OutlawAlexander B.182631 Private39.1Appointed commissioner of town of Dover
OutlawAlexander B.182933 Private287.1Stewart County jail commissioner
OutlawAlexander S.18172171Opened a turn-pike road
OverallJohn182933 Private109.1Gibson County - Trenton Academy trustee
OverstreetWilliam182530216.1Overton County - turnpike commissioner
OvertonArchibald18111729Smith County - Geneva Academy trustee
OvertonArchibald W.18131920.1Trustee for Geneva Academy - Smith County
OvertonJames182328102.1Manager of Nashville lottery
OvertonJames18232891.1Claiborne County - an act for his benefit
OvertonJohn1797637.2Conveyor of deed
OvertonJohn18031082.1Appointed as agent to N. Carolina
OvertonJohn18041143.5Paid for services
OvertonJohn1806131.27Copied land grants - North Carolina
OvertonJohn1806138.1Overton Academy Trustee (Overton County)
OvertonJohn1807142.12Transcribed John Armstrong's entry book
OvertonJohn1807142.13His journals contained reports on land claims
OvertonJohn1807142.9Late agent to North Carolina
OvertonJohn18071478.2Commissioner of East TN & Cumberland College fund
OvertonJohn18071493Agent to North Carolina
OvertonJohn18192337.1Lottery trustee
OvertonJohn18202544Late agent to North Carolina
OvertonJohn182227128.2Land grant
OvertonJohn18232891.1Claiborne County - an act for his benefit
OvertonJohn182933 Private262.1Davidson County - emancipated Rachel Moyers
OwenJohn181721145.7Director of Farmers Bank of TN --Carthage
OwenWilliam E.182732 Private173.1Cumberland River improvement - lottery superintendant
OwensDavid18071426Sevierville commissioner
OwensDavid18091523Named mistakenly as Sevierville commissioner
OwensJohn1797613.1Appointed commissioner
OwensJohn179878Grantsborough commissioner
OwensJohn1801946.8Home site of Claiborne County court
OwensRebecca182933 Private252.4Rutherford County - to be divorced
OwensStuart18091523Sevierville commissioner
OwensThomas182933 Private252.4Rutherford County - to be divorced
OwnesJonathan1797626.2Commissioner of Middleton


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