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Pt. 14: Nail - Nowlin


Last Name First Name County Company Regiment
NailJames B.BledsoeF2nd TN Cav.
NaillingJoseph WillisWeakleyE4th TN Inf.
Perkins (Maj.)
DavidsonG5th TX
NaylorHenry C.RutherfordF18th TN Inf.
NealJohn RandolphAndersonB16th TN Cav.
NealWilliam P.RutherfordE20th TN Inf.
NeeceHarrison H.LincolnA41st TN Inf.
NeedhamWilliam CorneliusHardeman 29th TN Inf.
NeelJohn S.W.Tazewell, VAH45th VA Inf.
NeilThomas BentonMeigsA26th TN Inf.
NelsonJohn ThompsonBedford 8th TX Inf.
NesbittJames LewisMontgomeryB14th TN Inf.
Nesbitt N. B. CarrollH55th Inf.
Neville B. F. FranklinA8th TN Cav.
NewJohn CoffeeCannen [sic]
H23rd TN Inf.
NewmanGeorge W.CoffeeA28th TN Cav.
NewtonJohn CampbellDecaturB33rd TN Inf.
Nicely James P. E. GraingerB2nd TN Cav.
Nolen W. H. MSH12th LA
NolenWilliam S.WilliamsonF4th TN Cav.
NowlinGeorge W.WeakleyA31st TN Inf.
NowlinJames M.WeakleyA31st TN Inf.


* An asterisk indicates that the veteran provided information beyond what was requested in the questionnaire.


Updated March 14, 2008


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