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Year State and National Events Slavery and Racial Issues African American Institutions and Accomplishments
1607 The first English settlement, in Jamestown VA    
1619   Nineteen Africans are shipped to Jamestown, Virginia, on Dutch ships, as indentured servants.  
1620 The Mayflower arrives in Plymouth MA.    
1624   Africans are imported as slaves to the Hudson River Valley in New York State.  
1638   A ship named Desire arrives in Boston with its first African slaves.  

Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth are the first colonies to authorize slavery through legislation as part of the 1641 Body of Liberties.

1645   The triangular slave trade begins about this time.  
1661   The Barbados Slave Code establishes a legal base for slavery in Barbados.

Slavery, following the West Indies model, is considered an essential ingredient in the successful establishment of certain crops
1664   When the English take control of New York, slaves make up about 20% of the population of the city.  
1675   King Philip’s War begins in New England.  By its end hundreds of natives will be forced into servitude or sold into slavery in the West Indies.  
1680   Organized agricultural slavery is now well established in the Chesapeake region; the number of slaves will increase greatly in the next few years.  

The first American protest against slavery is organized by Quakers in Germantown, Pennsylvania.


South Carolina adopts the provisions of the Barbados Slave Code and establishes the basic outline for slavery in the colonies.

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