Research to Reconnect Initiative


Research to Reconnect Call for Proposals

THEC is pleased to provide you with the Research to Reconnect initiative, a call for adult learner research proposals. The purpose of these proposals is to develop and implement research projects which will inform and improve practices and policies regarding Tennessee’s adult learner population. These research projects will enable our state to understand and illustrate the importance and condition of adult learners in Tennessee higher education by conducting qualitative research with adults in the state, as well as analyzing and reporting on the rich quantitative data available in THEC’s Student Information System (SIS).

THEC is soliciting proposals from interdisciplinary faculty researchers, student affairs and student services practitioners, and non-profit educational organizations in Tennessee to conduct original research and/or document evidence-based best practices that will focus on understanding access, retention strategies, persistence, completion, pedagogy and curriculum, co-curricular support, academic engagement, campus engagement and additional aspects of understanding the adult learner experience. Additionally, researchers interested in quantitative methodologies may request access to data from THEC’s Student Information System (SIS) as part of their research proposal and research design (please see pages 8 & 14 for more details on this option). THEC will select applicants that identify original research and innovative project ideas that will add to understanding the adult learner and support systems that significantly improve outcomes for adult students. These projects will conclude in January 2019 and the individual papers will be compiled by THEC for dissemination. Additionally, participants will be permitted to submit their individual papers for publishing in an academic, peer-reviewed journal. Recipients will be required to participate in a research symposium and convening in spring 2019 to share the results of their research projects.

Please be aware of a few important details:

  • A Letter of Intent to Participate is due no later than 5:00 PM (CST) on Friday, September 15, 2017, and full proposals are due on Monday, October 2, 2017 by 5:00 PM (CST). Please see the timeline on page 7 of the Call for Proposals for key dates.
  • Multiple submissions with different research topics and/or collaborators are permitted although limited to no more than 3 submissions per author. 

Please contact with any questions. THEC looks forward to receiving your submissions.