Nomination Criteria

Demonstrated Public Service

Public service should be based on what constitutes public service to the community as defined by the respective institution’s role and mission, as well as service to the institution itself. The service should be beyond the scope of nominee’s paid duties.

Nominee's Effectiveness

An evaluation of the nominee’s effectiveness shall be judged by his/her impact on individuals, groups, or organizations served. This should include evidence of the success of his/her service, in terms of improvement of communities, volunteer work programs, charitable service, and leadership roles in community.


So that the decision process can be as objective as possible, each nomination should be accompanied by a complete and careful documentation of the candidate’s public service contribution. The nomination should be made on the basic data sheet (available from your President’s office) with the community service activities outlined on the data sheet.


A letter of nomination from the President/Chancellor of the institution should be forwarded with the material.