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PLA allows you to earn credit for things you already know. It saves you from having to take courses in subjects that you have already understand. This means that you can progress more quickly towards getting your degree. Also, you do not have to pay full tuition for these courses either.

PLA is Quick

Some forms of PLA can earn you credit much faster than even the most accelerated college courses. For example, an institution may award you credit for military or work training based on an ACE transcript. Once submitted to the institution, this credit is almost immediately awarded without you needing to take any additional steps. There are also hundreds of examinations you can take to show proficiency in a subject area. This means that you can take a 1-3 hour exam, and be awarded up to 12 credit hours at once. It could take a semester or more to earn those credits in a traditional college classroom.

PLA is Inexpensive

Nearly all public colleges and universities in Tennessee award PLA credit below the cost of full tuition at their institutions. In some cases, the institution does not charge a fee at all. This means, for example, that you could pay $80 for a CLEP examination and earn 3 credit hours. It could cost you $500 or more to earn the same credits in a traditional classroom.

PLA Rewards You for What You Already Know

Many adults find it challenging to start back at getting a college degree. Is it worth you time? Will your experience be the same as someone right out of high school? PLA allow you to jump-start your college career. The fact is that quite a lot has happened in your life since you finished high school. You have learned a lot about life, but you have also gained a lot of experience at work, in the military, or in volunteer positions. This knowledge may mean that you do not need to start from scratch. PLA can reward you for this and may make you much close to your degree than you know.