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Prior Learning Assessment Fact Sheet

Note: This information has been provided by and verified by the institution listed as being current and up-to-date. Updated: 1 February 2013.

General Institutional Policies on PLA
Institution's PLA website:

Maximum limit for all forms of PLA credits:
60 total; limit of 24 hours from each category.

State 2-Year Community College average is 29.
State 4-Year University average is 52.

How can PLA credit be used?
• Elective credits

Types of PLA offered:
For a list of the most common types of PLA and general information about each, please see this page.

For more information about the details of this institution's PLA policies compared to others, including required scores, accepted tests, and course equivalencies, please see this page.

• Portfolio Assessments
• Institutional Challenge Exams
• Institutionally-Evaluated Training or Credit
• ACE-Military
• AP
• Correspndence Credit

Programs accepting PLA:

PLA credit is applied to the total 120 hours required for graduation as elective credit. General education or major credit is granted only as an exception through the normal petition process. Major credit must also be approved by the department head of the major discipline.

Do PLA policies differ from department to department?


Can PLA credits be transferred between departments and programs within this institution?

Please note that when you change degree programs or majors, that some courses and credits may no longer be relevant and thus will not transfer.

In general, PLA credit is elective and is not tied to a department. If PLA credit is applied to a major as an exception, it is applied to the major specified on the approved petition.

Generally, general education courses and electives will transfer but courses in the major may not.

Do written policies exist?
• Undergraduate Catalog (Non-traditional Credit) -

Fees and other costs:
Information not provided.

When do PLA credits appear on a student's transcript?

Following Semester.

Do they accept PLA credit transferred from other institutions?

Normally, PLA credit is not accepted as transfer credit. However, PLA credit included as partial completion of a Tennessee Transfer Pathway (TTP) is accepted as transfer credit.

If so, when do they appear on the student's transcript?
If part of a TTP, PLA credit will appear on the student's transcript upon admission to UTC and receipt of an official transcript from the granting institution.

How do CLEP tests appear on a student's transcript?
Non-traditional credit appear as UTC credit with a special term code.

Other limitations that student's should be aware of:

Portfolio Assessment:
For general information about portfolio assessments, please see this page.

Do they offer portfolio credits?

Do they offer a course for students creating portfolios for assessment?
No course offered.

Who assesses student portfolios?
Institutional faculty member or instructor.

How do portfolio credits appear on a student's transcript?
As elective credits at the 200 level in the major subject/department that awarded the credit.

Student Facts
Number of PLA earners (2010-2011):

State 2-Year Community College average is 122.
State 4-Year University average is 224.

PLA Hours earned (2010-2011):

State 2-Year Community College average is 581.
State 4-Year University average is 4,343.

Average age of PLA earners:

State average is 28.

Contact Information
Institutional Contact for PLA:
Linda Orth
University Registrar
(423) 425-4416

For more details about PLA at the University of Tennessee - Chattanooga, including specific tests accepted, score requirements, and other details for each type of PLA, please see this page.