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There are many different types of PLA, which mean you often have many options in how you might demonstrate your prior learning. However, the policies at each college and university can differ considerably.

To help you see what your options are, we have created these fact sheets. Each page is a different type of PLA, with the policies of each institution listed as well. For standardized exams, these sheets include which specific tests the school accepts, what minimum score they require, and how many credits may be awarded by that institution for passing the test. For the recommendation services, this includes whether or not the institution will accept credit recommendations for training and any specific details about the institution's policies.

We have sorted this information by type of PLA and by academic categories for you to browse through. We have also put these in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel formats to make it easier to compare this information.

PLA Fact Sheets by PLA Type

PLA Fact Sheets by Academic Category

PLA Fact Sheets by Type of PLA - PDF

PLA Fact Sheets by Type of PLA - Excel


Advanced Placement (AP) Fact Sheets for Tennessee Board of Regents Colleges and Universities - PDF

For brief descriptions of each type of PLA, please see our page on that subject.

Also, if you have more specific questions about an institution's policies on PLA, please contact them directly.