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Privacy Policies

  • HIP 06-001 Confidentiality of Enrollee Information
  • HIP 06-004 Employee Sanctions HIPAA Violations
  • PRIV 16-007 Use and Disclosure of Personal Information
  • PRIV 16-008 Accounting of Disclosures of Enrollee Records
  • PRIV 16-009 Enrollee Access to Information
  • PRIV 16-013 Privacy, Security and Confidentiality Training
  • HIP 06-014 De-identification of Enrollee Records
  • PRIV 16-016 Amendment of Enrollee Records
  • HIP 06-017 Complaints for HIPAA Violations
  • PRIV 16-018 Use of Enrollee Records in Research
  • HIP 06-019 Release of Enrollee Records by Court Authorized Requests
  • HIP 06-021 Use and Disclosure of PHI for Law Enforcement Purposes
  • HIP 06-025 Enrollee Request to Restrict Access to PHI