How to Apply

For long-term services & supports.

Do you already have TennCare?

  • Yes I already have TennCare:

If you have TennCare and are interested in the CHOICES program, you can call your TennCare health plan (MCO). The number is on your TennCare card.

If you are or represent an individual with intellectual disabilities and are interested in services for persons with intellectual disabilities, you can call the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (DIDD) for free at 1-800-535-9725.

  • No I do NOT have TennCare:

If you don't have TennCare, contact your local Area Agency on Aging and Disability (AAAD) for free at 1-866-836-6678. Even if you don't qualify for Medicaid, they can tell you about other programs that may help. For individuals with disabilities, including anyone applying for CHOICES, a representative from the AAAD can come to an applicant’s house to help apply. Applicants applying for nursing home care can also call us at 1-855-259-0701 for help over the phone.