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Tennessee believes all children deserve a healthy beginning in life, with proper immunizations, screenings and health care.

The purpose of TENNderCARE is to assure the availability and accessibility of required health care resources and to help TennCare eligible children (under the age of 21 ) and their parents or guardians effectively use these resources.

Who is eligible?

Every child (under 21) who is eligible for TennCare is eligible for TENNderCARE services. A child can be eligible for TennCare through Medicaid or through the Uninsured or Uninsurable guidelines. TENNderCARE screenings are well-child check ups. Children and adolescents should receive regular screenings even if there is no apparent health problem.

Screenings are the initial step in identifying children with needs requiring more in-depth testing and diagnostic procedures. Screenings are provided to initially identify problems in a general area requiring further assessment/evaluation (such as behavioral or developmental) while diagnostic procedures should identify or rule out specific problems (such as ADHD or mental retardation). Screening instruments are also designed for use with all children during a well-child visit.