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Media Release

MARCH 14, 2006

$8 Billion Program on Solid Financial Footing

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The TennCare Bureau, today, released its first ever Annual Report, a 40-page document that offers an overview of the program and its changes in eligibility, program design, management structure and managed care models. The Annual Report is a reference companion to the state's larger budget document and includes budget and program information for the most recent completed fiscal year.

"This is the first time the Bureau has produced a report that very clearly spells out to the taxpayers how the program works and how their tax dollars are being spent in the TennCare program," said TennCare Director, Dr. J.D. Hickey. "As the single largest component of the state's overall budget, we felt compelled to produce this report and believe it will be a useful tool in better understanding the TennCare program and the changes we've made during the past year."

The Annual Report chronicles TennCare's efforts to rein in program finances by implementing dozens of pharmacy utilization control measures, expanding drug purchasing power, launching five statewide disease management programs and aggressively managing the program to return the program to financial stability. Statistics on the TennCare population, county-by-county enrollment breakdowns and funding source breakouts with actual expenditures and growth percentages are highlighted in the report for quick reference.

"TennCare is large and complex, and this report will help Tennessee taxpayers better understand the program and the services it offers," said Rep. David Shepard, chairman of the TennCare Oversight Committee. "Documenting the progress of the TennCare Bureau through this annual report will help provide greater insight and understanding of the program as it continues to evolve in the coming years."

An electronic version of the TennCare Annual Report is available now at Hard copies of the report will be distributed by the TennCare Bureau in late March.

TennCare is Tennessee's expanded Medicaid program, providing health insurance coverage to 1.2 million Tennesseans including 640,000 children. For more information about TennCare, visit

View this document in a printable (pdf, 39kb).