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Preparation for Stage 1 MU

New Video!

Be sure to watch this eight video explaining three common challenges to achieving Stage 1 Meaningful Use. For best viewing, click to hide the far left column (in black, if it is showing), then click "Full Screen" on the far right.

Also, for EPs pursuing Stage 1 MU in 2012, here is a Top 10 Things to Remember tip sheet shared via the Medicaid HIT Newsletter, to which anyone can subscribe for free updates on the TennCare Medicaid EHR Incentive Program.

Preparing to achieve meaningful use begins with understanding the guidelines and expectations for meeting the meaningful use (MU) criteria and using certified EHR technology (CEHRT).

Understanding the Basics

  • 10095: examining numerators and denominators
  • 10151: affirming "no exclusion" means no exclusion
  • 10664: defining "seen by the EP"
  • 10076:  having each EP demonstrate the full requirements of meaningful use
  • 10589:  delineating the statements that EPs verify when they attest

The CMS FAQs above describe the basic tenets of meaningful use: each EP achieves meaningful use for the patient population seen by the EP during the reporting period. The majority of measures require numerators and denominators based on actions performed for this patient population to be accurately calculated and attested. The key difference between the core and menu measures compared to the CQMs is that the latter must be reported as generated by the certified EHR technology; see the CQM webpage. Core and menu measures, contrastingly, "may also have to include information from paper-based patient records or from records maintained in uncertified EHR technology," in order to "provide complete and accurate information" (FAQ 10589—see above). For example, Core Measures 3, 5, 6, and 7 require the denominators include all unique patients seen by the EP during the reporting period. If an EP does not have all unique patients had data entered into the certified EHR technology, he would need to supplement his EHR data with other record-keeping to attest to an accurate denominator.

Reviewing the Purpose of Certification

  • 10157: clarifying when EHR technology must be certified relative to the reporting period
  • 10473: determining the acceptability of modifications to the EHR and the testing protocol under which it was certified
  • 10465: using a different system to calculate numerators and denominators (acceptable)
  • 10590: using a different system to meet the core and menu measures (not acceptable)

Using CEHRT is the purpose and prerequisite of meaningful use, but the complexities of upgrading technologies as well as using CEHRT in conjunction with other processes supporting clinical workflow can create questions. Any concerns about whether the use of CEHRT is consistent with meaningful use should be addressed by the above FAQs.

Complicating the Landscape
Achieving meaningful use can be complicated by various circumstances, so each of the following pages addresses some of these challenges for EPs who are...

Working at Multiple Sites

Coordinating a Practice in Different Stages of MU

Supervising or Working as Nurse Practitioners

Pursuing MU as Specialists or Dentists