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Preparation for Stage 1 MU: EHs

Program Timelines

Registration and Attestation

  • 10267 and 10317: registering as a dually-eligible hospital
  • 10083: registering for the program without certified EHR technology

Calculating Meaningful Use Measures

  • 10126 and 10468: using the observation services or the all ED visits methods
  • 10146: calculating clinical quality measures via the certified HER
  • 10538: calculating clinical quality measures for all patients regardless of payer
  • 10165: recording preliminary cause of death
  • 10844: calculating clinical quality measures across multiple CEHRTs
  • 10591: excluding patients treated in hospital units excluded from the inpatient prospective payment system
  • 10640: including and excluding swing bed patients
  • 10641: including nursery day patients only if they cannot be identified and excluded by CEHRT
  • 10831: counting in-patient encounters for non-hospital based EPs as part of Medicaid patient volume