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Stage 1 Additional CQMs

Alternate Core CQMs Core CQMs CQM Intro

Eligible professionals (EPs) must attest to three additional clinical quality measures (CQMs). Even if the alternate core CQMs may be more appropriate for a provider’s scope of practice than the additional CQMs available through his certified EHR technology, the alternate core CQMs cannot be substituted for attesting to three of the 38 additional CQMs.

CQMs should be reported exactly as generated by certified EHR technology. Eligible professionals should use the electronic specifications for each of the additional CQMs to

  • understand what the CQMs indicate so that their calculation can inform clinical workflow and practice
  • ensure that the appropriate CQMs are being reported in the attestation portal: note that population criteria 1 is the total of criteria 2 and 3 for NQF 0024 rather than 3 being the sum of 1 and 2
  • affirm that zeroes in the denominator indicate that the patient population was not seen by the EP during the EHR reporting period

Note on NQF 0084: Heart Failure: Warfarin Therapy Patients with Atrial Fibrillation.
CMS suggests EPs do not select this measure. EPs may report it, especially if an EHR is certified for only nine CQMs; otherwise, as there are other FDA-approved medications available for use as an anticoagulant, please consider reporting another measure.