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Stage 1 Core Measure 9

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Measure at a Glance

Type: calculated percentage

Denominator: unique patients 13 years or older, which may be limited to patients maintained by CEHRT

Duration: calculated over the entire EHR reporting period

Objective: Record smoking status for patients 13 years old or older.
Measure: More than 50 percent of all unique patients 13 years old or older seen by the EP have smoking status recorded as structured data.
Exclusion: Any EP who sees no patients 13 years or older.
There are no changes to this objective and measure regardless of when EPs attest to Stage 1 Meaningful Use.

CMS Technical Specification

TennCare Notes
The attestation portal will require the EP to enter the numerator and denominator of the measure as defined in the technical specification.

Please note that this measure requires more than 50% of all unique patients. The attestation numerators and denominators are calculated to the hundredths place in the attestation portal, so while a proportion of 50.01% will be evaluated as a successful attestation, 50.00% will not.

Relevant CMS FAQs
None at this time.

Additional Resources
This blog post examines smoking in America in the context of the meaningful use measure, as well as mentioning the core and alternate core CQMs associated with smoking.

Federal Regulations Governing This Measure

CMS' Final Rule

§ 495.6(d)(9) see objective, measure, and exclusion above

Standards and Certification Final Rule

§ 170.302(g) Smoking status. Enable a user to electronically record, modify, and retrieve the smoking status of a patient. Smoking status types must include: current every day smoker; current some day smoker; former smoker; never smoker; smoker, current status unknown; and unknown if ever smoked.