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Objective:Imaging results consisting of the image itself and any explanation or other accompanying information are accessible through Certified EHR Technology.
Measure: More than 10 percent of all tests whose result is one or more images ordered by the EP during the EHR reporting period are accessible through Certified EHR Technology.
Exclusion: Any EP who meets one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Orders less than 100 tests whose result is an image during the EHR reporting period.
  2. Has no access to electronic imaging results at the start of the EHR reporting period.

CMS Specification Sheet

TennCare Notes
This objective and measure do not correspond with any criterion of Stage 1 Meaningful Use. CMS describes the benefits of this objective as follows: "Making the image that results from diagnostic scans and accompanying information accessible through CEHRT increases the utility and efficiency of the both the imaging technology and the CEHRT. The ability to share the results of imaging scans will likewise improve the efficiency of all healthcare providers and increase their ability to share information with their patients. This will reduce the cost and radiation exposure from rests that are repeated solely because a prior test is not available to the provider."

Note that the image does not have to be stored in CEHRT to be accessible through CEHRT.

Federal Regulations Governing This Measure

CMS' Final Rule

§ 495.6(k)(1)(ii) see objective, measure and exclusion above

Standards and Certification Final Rule

§ 170.314(a)(12) Image results. Electronically indicate to a user the availability of a patient’s images and narrative interpretations (relating to the radiographic or other diagnostic test(s)) and enable electronic access to such images and narrative interpretations.

Depending on the type of certification issued to the EHR technology, it will also have been certified to the certification criterion adopted at 45 CFR 170.314 (g)(1), (g)(2), or both, in order to assist in the calculation of this meaningful use measure.