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Stage 2 Core Measure 12

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Objective: Use clinically relevant information to identify patients who should receive reminders for preventive/follow-up care and send these patients the reminder, per patient preference.
Measure: More than 10 percent of all unique patients who have had two or more office visits with the EP within the 24 months before the beginning of the EHR reporting period were sent a reminder, per patient preference when available.
Exclusion: Any EP who has had no office visits in the 24 months before the beginning of the EHR reporting period.

CMS Specification Sheet

TennCare Notes
This objective and measure aligns with Menu Measure 4 in Stage 1 Meaningful Use. The age restrictions in Stage 1, tracking reminders send to patients 65 years and older and 5 years and younger, have been dismissed in favor of specifying those who should be included on the reminder list: those with two or more office visits in the 24 months prior to the reporting period. With this larger pool of patients and transition to the core set, the threshold has been decreased from 20 percent to 10 percent.

Federal Regulations Governing This Measure

CMS' Final Rule

§ 495.6(j)(9)(ii) see objective, measure and exclusion above

Standards and Certification Final Rule

ยง 170.314(a)(14) Patient list creation. Enable a user to electronically and dynamically select, sort, access, and create patient lists by: date and time; and based on each one and at least one combination of the following data:
(i) Problems;
(ii) Medications;
(iii) Medication allergies;
(iv) Demographics;
(v) Laboratory tests and values/results; and
(vi) Patient communication preferences.
Depending on the type of certification issued to the EHR technology, it will also have been certified to the certification criterion adopted at 45 CFR 170.314 (g)(1), (g)(2), or both, in order to assist in the calculation of this meaningful use measure.