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  • HIP 06-001 (pdf, 75kb) Confidentiality of Enrollee Information
  • HIP 06-004 (pdf, 213kb) Employee Sanctions HIPAA Violations
  • HIP 06-007 (pdf, 135kb) Use and Disclosure of Enrollee PHI
  • HIP 06-008 (pdf, 162kb) Accounting of Disclosures
  • HIP 06-009 (pdf, 93kb) Enrollee Access to PHI
  • HIP 06-011 (pdf, 99kb) Public Records Requests (Media)
  • HIP 06-012 (pdf, 65kb) Public Records Requests (Non-Media)
  • HIP 06-014 (pdf, 135kb) De-identification of Enrollee Records
  • HIP 06-016 (pdf, 122kb) Request to Amend Enrollee Records
  • HIP 06-017 (pdf, 210kb) Complaints for HIPAA Violations
  • HIP 06-018 (pdf, 142kb) Use of Enrollee Records in Research
  • HIP 06-019 (pdf, 69kb) Release of Enrollee Records by Court Authorized Requests
  • HIP 06-021 (pdf, 81kb) Use and Disclosure of PHI for Law Enforcement Purposes
  • HIP 06-025 (pdf, 91kb) Enrollee Request to Restrict Access to PHI
  • PSC 13-001 (pdf, 178kb) Privacy Security and Confidentiality (PSC) Awareness Training



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