Welcome to FindHelpTN Online Screening

What You Can Do

FindHelpTN helps Tennesseans find state and federal programs and services they might qualify for. We look at the basic rules for each program to see if you might be eligible. View a full list of the programs that FindHelpTN includes.

FindHelpTN cannot enroll you in these programs -- it is not an online application.

FindHelpTN can:

  • Take you to the right websites to apply
  • Tell you the things you need to apply
  • Give you directions to the right office location

What You Will Need

  • You will need a printer connected to your computer to print the results page. If you do not have a printer, you can write it down.
  • You will need to know how much and what type of income each person in your household receives.

Begin Screening Process

Click on the Begin button. We will ask you a few short questions. Then FindHelpTN will tell you which programs you might want to apply for. Before you finish, be sure to print them out, or write them down. FindHelpTN does not keep your answers or your facts on file. If you leave FindHelpTN and come back later, you will need to start over.


FindHelpTN cannot and does not take the place of a thorough eligibility review. There may be facts particular to your situation for which FindHelpTN will not screen. The recommendations provided by this tool are suggestions only and are only as good as the information entered. If you think you might be eligible for a program, you are urged to apply regardless of the screening results from FindHelpTN.